Google Workspace: All you need to know about "Domain Life Cycle"

In this video we will learn all about to purchase a domain in Google Workspace through Google partners, and also know the benefits behind it.

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Domain Life cycle purchased in Google Workspace

Every domain has a life cycle starting with its initial registration and ending with it being returned to the public for new registration. Instead a conventional domain when you purchase your domain while signing up for your Google service from Google Workspace or Blogger these domains has a life cycle different than others because you just have only one month till to renewal it.

The Life Cycle of a Domain Name

  • Domain Available: Domain can be registered.
  • Domain Registered: Once domain is successfully registered, you may be able to register the domain for up to one year.
  • Domain Expired: Once the domain is expired, it will be released immediately and available to register again because "Renewal grace period" and "pending deletion" are not available.
  • Domain Released: Domain is public for registration again.

IMPORTANT: Follows us on Youtube because we are working in a new tutorial about How renewal a domain on Google Workspace or Blogger.

The Life Cycle of a Domain Name